yeah so i cant do cool css like you guys, ho-

oh wow the font on the edit box is cool

wow that's amazing

yeah no im in love with this font im keeping it its mine now

ok ok on to the actual stuff


uhh nothing still haven't ported stuff over from other sandbox i use my bad

wait should I port over the 6k or

idk ill just move over the drafts i care about here

until then here's some drafts

wait hey I got something

Bird Rewrite

yeah I'm trying to rewrite 359 what about it

just gotta hope rewrite lets me

uh I feel bad about posting a lot of drafts at once so I'm gonna wait


tally hall is canon in scp


uh still not doing porting stuff sorry


ew who would want to collab with me, throws up.
but, I mean, if you do..

Write Private Message :eyes:

or you can contact me on discord idk, it's judith !!#9185

or twitter

whatever works for you:]

sorry this is really barebones lemme just port everything really quickly

also obligatory mention that y2k is best theme

what else do i put for my sandbox hub? feel like im missing stuff sorry

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