Heart of Dirt, Eyes of the forest, Womb of the Earth

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Clearance Level #5: Clearance
Containment Class: safe
Secondary Class: Archon
Disruption Class: #/ekhi
Risk Class: #/notice

Assigned Site Site Director
Site-145 Dr. Elliot Abney


The above photograph shows the last attempt at excavating SCP-6000 before containment measures were adapted to preserving the anomaly. Image is dated to approximately 1936.

Special Containment Procedures: Current and historical research into SCP-6000's origin and purpose postulates that continued containment and limitation of SCP-6000's main purpose may result in a K-Class environmental collapse. Historical SCP-6000 containment systems are to be removed immediately. A specialized member of the SCP-6000 research peoject is to monitor overall environmental change within SCP-6000's area. In the event of an immediate risk of a K-class scenario,
the emergency usage of environmental regrowth strategies using anomalous technology will be approved. SCP-6000 containment systems still in construction are to be immediately vacated and abandoned; a cover story involving a fictitious bankruptcy of the Foundation-front construction group will be decimated.

Currently unidentified SCP-6000 entities qre being located through the use of Anomaly Location Team Alpha-16 ("Earth Abides.") Upon positive identification, a monitoring station is to be established, with a skeleton-crew of three Foundation doctors on 24-hour rotation. Depending on location of SCP-6000 phenomena, the land is to be purchased by a network of Foundation front companies to prevent further development and land abuse. If the land cannot be purchased, or is in a heavily populated, urban area, the Foundation is to contact head of state legislation. Distribution of class-C amnestics and Foundation-provided housing is to be applied on a last-case basis.

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