public hospital cringe
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Notice This is shit fucked up


SCP-XXXX prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Clearance Level 1: Unrestricted
Object Class: Euclid
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber

Guard must check in

Outfitted with three cameras:
And camera computer
Cameras must be operational at all times

Description: human female. Properties affecting anyone or thing with power to help it. Targets are public servants research staff level 2 or higher addendum in REDACTED years an auditory trigger has developed for level 1 staff any interviews auditory dclass. Anomolous effefts are theorised to info and worsen with its age. Scp was found in medical bay bandaged found by new staff member scp custody. Scp is a risk to itself bureaucracy

It's like this girl who has been pushed out of the way from schools legal stuff jobs. She thinks the world doesn't care and she happens to fall thru cracks in systems. She's found in a foundation icu by a new staff member. It takes months to figure out what she is doing there and to document her into the database. She makes people who can help her forget they need to help her, through years of research the foundation learns it worsens with her age and you need to spend hrs with her to remember her existence, which doesn't gel well with reading it in a document far away from her and like planning it all. The document focuses on it interrupting bureaucracy and I was thinking some paragraphs could end abruptly from a loss of focus from researchers but that might suck. Interviews with her must be immediately transcribed because like… people walk out midway conversation or stop listening to recordings made to digitally transcribe which I think is how the foundation normally does interviews. The head researcher figures they can place her in a cell with another low-risk scp which like needs maintenance or basic care regularly, maybe her data base number is changed because of it like scp-xxx to scp-yyy-2 due to someone forgetting her and assuming it's a part of the other scp and it loses progress on helping her. They digitally document her real time, with a video and text based chat and worst case a janitor or someone working with the other scp will see her on the monitor and remind them to help her, but seeing it worsens with her age even lvl 1 researchers are forgetting her and their minds are blanking out things she says through text


SCP-XXXX: Please. Please help me out. Anyone.
SCP-XXXX: I haven't ate in days.
SCP-XXXX: Is anyone there?
SCP-XXXX takes the webcam mounted to PC in her hands.
SCP-XXXX: Please… please.
SCP-XXXX: I'm a person too.

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