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Item #: SCP-230

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-230, circa 2016

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-230 is to be detained within a standard humanoid containment cell and provided with an A-1 Basic Recreation Package1. The entity is required to wear an N-95 respirator, long-sleeved clothing, a hairnet, and rubber gloves when interacting with other subjects in containment and Foundation personnel, and is forbidden from making physical contact with others unprotected. Furthermore, personnel assigned to SCP-230 are required to wear personal protective equipment2 when working with the entity.

Note: In light of recent events, the Ethics Committee has required that visitation privileges be granted to the immediate family of all humanoid anomalies. In the case of SCP-230, its partner Joseph ███████ has been granted permission to visit the subject once every month.


SCP-230 is a 22-year-old white male, legally named Michael Becker. The entity is 185.58 centimeters tall and weighs 68 kilograms.

In place of blood and bodily fluids, the body of SCP-230 produces a compound (Compound 230CHNo) similar in composition to heroin. Compound 230CHNo has the same intoxicating effects as heroin in smaller quantities, with as little as 30 parts per million being enough to cause inebriation. Prolonged contact with the skin, bodily fluids or respiratory droplets of SCP-230 causes severe intoxication and symptoms of overdose in human subjects, with a LD50 of 10 mg/kg. SCP-230 itself, however, is completely immune to the effects of Compound 230CHNo.

SCP-230 was initially discovered after its arrest in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for drug possession. The Foundation was alerted to its possible anomalous properties after all police officers to come into contact with it fell under the effects of Compound 230CHNo, and a blood test conducted by the Edmonton police department confirmed the high concentration of the compound within the subject's body. MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was deployed to the scene, and were able to safely contain SCP-230.

Addendum: Psychological Consultations and Interviews

Interviewer: Dr. Drahoslav Patočka, on-site psychiatrist

Interviewed: SCP-230

Begin Log

Patočka: Well, let's get this started, then. As part of our current policy on taking in humanoid anomalies, I will now ask you a series of questions about your background, past life, and anomalous properties. Shall we begin?

SCP-230: Sure, sure, of course. Ask away.

Patočka: Right, then. First of all, when did your… your condition first make itself known?

SCP-230: Oh, I was born like this. The first one to really notice what was wrong with me was my dad — at least, that's what he told me. My mom died giving birth, and somehow none of the doctors there suspected that anything was wrong. (SCP-230 shrugs) According to my dad, he only figured it out when I was about half a week old.

Patočka: Did he not alert a doctor, or even tell anyone else about it? I would assume that'd be an obvious thing to do, all things considered.

SCP-230: Nope. He didn't even tell me for a while. Just, uh… kept me inside. Never had any friends growing up, strictly cyberschooled, you know the deal. Eventually, though… someone snitched, they did a drug bust, I was taken in and put through — through rehab, I got my own place, started selling my spit to get by, and now… now we're here, I guess! (SCP-230 laughs harshly and shakes its head.)

Patočka: With all due respect, Michael — if I may call you by your legal name (SCP-230 nods its head) — I find it hard to believe that you were able to conceal your anomalous properties from others for so long. Would they not have noticed during your rehabilitation, nor, say, taken a blood test?

SCP-230: (Visibly uncomfortable, refuses to make eye contact) I- Dad taught me to conceal it. I always wore gloves and long clothes, a mask if I had to, never came too close to anyone — and I, uh, chose to opt out of the blood test when they asked me about it.

Patočka: That doesn't make any sense. (Dr. Patočka leans closer to SCP-230.) You know, Michael, lying isn't going to help anyone in this situation. The more we know, the more we'll able to help you. Do you understand? (SCP-230 nods after several seconds of silence, not making eye contact.) Now, tell me what really happened.

SCP-230: I- could I- (SCP-230 pauses for approx. 1 minute, scratching its chin.) I'm sorry, I- I don't feel comfortable saying, at least not now. Is that-

Patočka: You're fine. You can choose not to disclose anything you don't feel like disclosing at any time. We'll have more sessions in the future.

SCP-230: Th-thank you.

End Log

Addendum: Visitation Logs

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