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Item#: 5361
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Update 2023/1/26: This article has been scrubbed of any images from testing of SCP-5361. Due to the nature of SCP-5361, it is forbidden to upload or share any image outside of Foundation approved methods. This anomaly has also been changed from UR, Dark, and Notice classifications to CF, Ekhi, and Warning. Any lower ranking member who had previously been used to test SCP-5361 will be amnesticized for the safety of everybody here in the Foundation.

Update 2023/4/17: SCP-5361 should never be tampered with unless approval is given by Administration to do so. Testing of SCP-5361 should never involve anything that could damage the material or alter it. If you see any Foundation members test SCP-5361 in this matter, please contact any high ranking member about it. They should resolve the issue in a safe and unobtrusive manner. Any member found doing unauthorized testing will chastised and could face punishment ranging from demotion to expulsion from the Foundation.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5361 should always be kept inside of its unique display case. Although it is unable to harm personnel, preservation of SCP-5361 has been made a top priority.

The only personnel able to directly handle SCP-5361 and it's containment are the administrators assigned to it. They will be given special tools that can operate the mechanisms of SCP-5361's containment device. This not only includes any locking mechanisms for the case, but also the devices used to digitally scan SCP-5361 for archival purposes.

After a subject views SCP-5361, decontamination of the viewing area will occur. An alarm will sound, and all organic material (personnel, food, vegetables, animals, organic testing subjects, etc.) should be cleared from the room. They are to remain outside of the room until the containment device captures SCP-5361's current state. Due to the nature of some subjects, external devices to aid in the removal of non-mobile/uncooperative subjects must be used. This is to negate any changes to SCP-5361's appearance that could happen if another subject enters the room.

Although there is personnel assigned to monitor any leaks from SCP-5361's testing, personnel should send photos to developmental webcrawler GUId0. SCP-5361 has been selected in order to train GUId0 in noticing differences between official material and alterations. Due to SCP-5361's nature, the Foundation believes that it is an excellent candidate for the algorithm.

Description: SCP-5361 takes the form of a 3 panel comic, a style similar to many popular American newspaper comics. The contents inside of the comic change according to the last organic object that has viewed it. Repeated testing has shown that the changes the comic undergoes are revolved around its setting and characters. Major plot elements and the number of panels seem to stay consistent in most circumstances, yet scenarios can vary along with minor characters. Another permanent element of the comic is the date listed at the bottom of the third panel: 11-31. Although it is not confirmed that these numbers are meant to be a date, many personnel involved with SCP-5361 refer to it as such. Most explain that the numbers could refer to the 31st day of November (which does not exist, leading some to believe that the anomaly is trying to blend in with a limited understanding of human culture).

A guide was prepared by the research team assigned to SCP-5361, created to help other members identify and understand the comic and it's major characters. Anybody assigned or viewing SCP-5361 should carefully study this guide in order to identify SCP-5361, as it will try to obscure itself during certain situations.

Name Appearance Characteristics
Flournoy Flournoy is highly believed to be the main character of this comic. This character appears as a mammalian animal with mostly feline-like features. In some appearances, he is portrayed standing upright. In others, he stands on all four limbs. Often times he will be portrayed as more animalistic when in proximity to humanoid characters. Flourney can also be recognized by his white coat, black striped markings, rounded stomach, and long ears (similar to that of a caracal). There are other characters who are similar to Flourney, yet have differences that vary wildly. They will not be listed in this guide. Lazy, Sardonic, Mean-Spirited, Relatable, Insomniac, Ridiculed, Weak, Headstrong, Ironic, Foolish, Master
Jim Jim is the central humanoid character. He seems to be the owner of Flournoy, yet is always made to look more foolish than him. Jim is often depicted as incredibly thin, with a pathetic mannerism to the way he's posed. Jim's skin is often a pale-white color, with his hair and clothing occasionally changing color. It's important to note that Jim's hair rarely changes in shape, but his clothing often does. Pathetic, Idiotic, Foolish, Pitiful, Dull, Victim
Spot Spot is the foil to Flournoy. A canine-like animal who is portrayed as unfathomably stupid and animalistic. Unlike Jim and Flournoy, it is easy to identify Spot thanks to his black coat and large, white, circular markings on his hind legs. However, Spot does not show up as often as the others do. Often times, he's used as a way for the comic to do slap-stick comedy or to make jokes about his behavior. Idiot, Animal, Scapegoat, Trickster

The research team has noted that the comic seems to change itself in order to emotionally manipulate the observer into doing something. In all cases, it seems that the purpose of SCP-5361's comics is to make the observer laugh. Through all of the testing that SCP-5361's handlers have done, every subject seemed to find the comic displayed on the anomaly to be humorous. It varies wildly between subjects and the emotional state of a subject is theorized to be another factor in SCP-5361's appearance.

From previous incidents, researchers believe that the anomaly tries to influence observers to share it in a memetic fashion. It does this via two ways:

1. If the observer is in a state of depression, emotional distress, etc., it will display an incredibly humorous joke tailored to the observer. The effect the joke has on other viewers does not matter, the anomaly aims to only make the observer laugh. This is to turn the observer into a fanatic. Once the observer is enamored with the anomaly, it then hides subliminal information as part of the dialogue or artwork. The aim is to get somebody to release it and share it amongst a large audience.

2. It seems to recognize people who have a high status and/or the capabilities to release it. Unlike the first method, SCP-5361 will start with an innocuous joke and build from there. Ultimately, the observer will find the jokes SCP-5361 says to be incredibly hilarious and creates a dire need for them to spread it.

Otherwise, the jokes seem to be of a "middling to good" quality if other subjects are to be believed. The anomaly seems to disregard these individuals.

Discovery: SCP-5361 was discovered by Agent Dianne Hopper of MTF Gamma-78 ("Storage Warriors") on 2022/9/13 at Finnegan Bros. Storage in Keller, Texas. The location of the anomaly, Garage #███, had been checked for other anomalies. Initially, Dianne Hopper was only able to find a copy of Miss J's Whiz Kidz Schoolhouse (which is on an order to be sent to Site-15 as it is a host for SCP-5094). Though when she had discovered SCP-5361 inside of a picture frame and discussed it with the other agents, she was alarmed to discover its effects.

It was immediately sent to Site-31 for testing purposes.

Test Log 5361
Several subjects were used to test SCP-5361, ranging from high level members to personnel. Tests were conducted inside of SCP-5361's testing room and were done by

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