Dr. Wondertainment GoI-Format

Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderproduct!

Wondertainment is a manufacturer of anomalous / magical children's toys.
Wondertainment finds its roots very early in the site's history, all the way back to Super Paper in Series I. Since then, it has evolved to fit some very key concepts:

Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderproduct!

  1. Wondertainment is a capitalist construct.
  2. Wondertainment makes children's toys.
  3. Wondertainment is childish and playful.
  4. Whether or not the previous bullet point is a façade is up for debate.

Dr. Wondertainment's Warnings!

Dr. Wondertainment may be a company, it may be an individual, it may be an individual that runs a company. Most important, however, is that Dr. Wondertainment is magical, and they make toys. Whether they be toys that aren't exactly safe or toys that are beyond anything a kid could ever imagine (or want), the very basics of Wondertainment is that they make toys. Interpretations range from being warm-hearted and kind to either straight up terrible or more than a little misguided. However their intentions / grasp on the world is perceived, they are inarguably tied to children and child-like behaviors.

So, how does one write Dr. Wondertainment? Well, trust me, I know this is going to sound stupid, but… have fun with it. Yes, you should have fun writing anything, because then what's the point? Specifically with Wondertainment though, I believe that the primary way to write it well is to not worry about logic. If you're going to write a Wondertainment toy, it has to be fuckin' fun. Make your reader want that toy. If you're going to write a tale, make it over the top. Put a shit ton of corgis in it. Make there be a dictator that rules over candy. Even when it gets dark, hide it behind a veneer of fun.

When whimsy goes wrong, it's still whimsy. And Dr. Wondertainment is 100% whimsy, to its core. That's what Wondertainment is all about. If you're an aspiring Dr. Wondertainment writer, your main job is to go nuts, kid.

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