isle list

1. Junior Researcher Isle has never been observed entering or leaving Site-15.
2. Junior Researcher Isle is completely imperceptible to all sharks or otherwise selachian entities.
3. Junior Researcher Isle has been observed to spend roughly 40% of their time in Site-15's underground server rooms, 40% in the Site-15 breakroom, and 40% unaccounted for. No explanation for this statistical discrepancy has been found.
4. There is no record of Junior Researcher Isle having been hired. Despite this, records exist of their employment dating to the year 1983 specifically. No other documentation have been found.
5. Junior Researcher Isle has been observed riding an electric scooter in the halls of Site-15 via security camera footage. All identified personnel in the footage report no memory or knowledge of this event.
6. Legally, Junior Researcher Isle is a specimen of Genetta pardina (West African large spotted genet), as well as a Maxell brand CF-2 floppy disk.
7. Junior Researcher Isle's on-file security clearance level is listed as "-1". They are the only employee possessing this clearance, and the privileges or lack thereof it affords them are unclear.
8. Junior Researcher Isle is responsible, though indirectly, for Site-15's alleged November 2004 "Bagel Hour".
9. A sighting of Junior Researcher Isle was reported in Site-15's onsite laundering room, specifically within Washer E after a cycle completed. No explanation has been offered or ascertained.
10. Junior Researcher Isle's blood, as well as various other internal fluids, are tinted blue. These fluids are otherwise chemically and biologically normal. When questioned, the cause of the color was attributed to "gum". No further elaboration was offered.
11. Junior Researcher Isle reportedly spends several hours a day in the Site-15 sewer system. When asked about this, they report that they are trying to find food.

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