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It is the middle of the Cold War. The SCP Foundation's resources in Africa are stretched thin, reduced to only a handful of clandestine Sites separated like islands in a vast ocean. A small yet formidable Chaos Insurgency, having deepened its roots in the continent for decades, has decided to take advantage of the Foundation's lack of influence. Insurgent cells on the continent propagate violent wars fueled by anti-imperialist sentiment, all while stealing anomalous artifacts from the Foundation to further their mysterious goals.

The Insurgency has found one unlikely ally in Africa: The Republic of Rhodesia, an isolated state locked in conflict with the Chinese and Soviet-backed ZANU and ZIPRA insurgents. Rhodesia also faces an unlikely anomalous threat; a micro-nation of reality benders known as Great Zimbabwe has resurfaced, and are constructing a superweapon capable wiping Rhodesia from existence. The alliance between the Rhodesians and the Insurgency is shaky, but Hudson's Scouts, the Insurgency's primary military cell within the country, is prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat Rhodesia's anomalous enemy.

Everyone's views on Rhodesia are mixed—the Insurgency itself is split on ideological lines on whether it should preserve the Veil or actively remove it, let alone if they should undermine the very nation they call a safe haven. So when the Scouts are caught off guard in a sudden ambush and their commander goes AWOL, everything is flipped upside down.

For one fledgling Insurgent, it means questioning everything he has learned from his mentor and every belief he has made, and trusting no one.



"I'm offering you a shot at redemption, Jai. A chance to finally prove yourself to the world that you're more than what you might think you are."


He looked up at the sky; a lone, red star gazed back down at him from the heavens.


He figured he had to make his own assumptions going forwards. If Mira was really to be believed, then no one could be trusted. Not even her.



SC-63/141-65/030The Asset

I would like to reiterate that the amount of destruction and disarray both Items in tandem can cause is utterly astronomical.


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