CI: The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe or: The Shot Heard Round The World

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DeCIRO Catalogue Number:


Document Type:

Step Compilation

Dates Received:

02-03-1963 through 04-27-1965

Operation Status:



War has changed. No longer do we fight with sword and shield; the Insurgency is now armed with the means to render entire cities inhospitable from afar. We of Delta Command understand that the first step in winning the war against the anomalous is amassing an anomalous arsenal of our own. This is irrefutable fact written in blood and sacrifice. However, we are losing the arms race. The paratechnological prowess of the Coalition and the many monsters and artifacts held under the Foundation's reins have rendered us obsolete against our foes.

It has been discovered that there exists a means of striking the Overseers where they least expect. Armed with the new Red Right Hand of the Free World, and with our crosshairs aimed at the head of the universe, we shall turn the tides of battle with only a single shot. Let our shot heard round the world ring.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 63/001

The Asset is located at Foundation Area-28 in Egypt. It shall be airlifted to Site-108 soon. Given the impressive level of security at the facility, raiding it at the current moment is suicide, so retrieving it while in transit is our only opportunity.

Dispatch a team of twelve Alpha-class personnel led by two Beta-class personnel to hijack the plane mid-flight and retrieve the Asset using a separate plane. Instruct the Betas to employ the "Faraday Device" to jam all outbound communication from the plane. Instruct the Alphas to leave no survivors in the wreckage.

2. STEP 63/014

Gamma-class operative "WHIPLASH" is to deliver an initial report of the newly-retrieved Asset to Delta Command.


DeCIRO Catalogue Number: IR-63/014-01

Document Type: Item Report

Date Received: 03-03-1963

Author: Agent "WHIPLASH"

Item Report: The Asset appears to be a weathered Dragunov sniper rifle, chambered in 7.62×54mmR. Its wooden stock seems to be engraved with a variety of hypnotic symbols and patterns which we currently cannot decipher. Mounted is a seemingly ordinary PSO-1 telescopic sight. Initial examination of the scope itself suggests that it is non-functional, showing nothing to a viewer as if it were being blocked by an object. When aimed at a living creature, however, a magnified and glowing silhouette of the target shall appear within the scope.

When fired, the target will be struck in a lethal location, so long as the weapon is used within its effective range of 800 meters. The round seems to alter its trajectory on its own accord in order to guarantee a lethal hit and to strike however many victims were within the sight picture when firing. The round is similarly capable of anomalously adjusting its trajectory in order to bypass (or defeat) any cover a target may be protected behind. The anomalous properties of the scope described before means that concealment is similarly out of the picture for any targets. The audible effect of this phenomenon gives the impression that one is being fired upon from a different location than the shooter.

Disassembling the scope or rifle reveals no anomalous technology involved in the construction of either, but renders the scope totally inoperable if separated from the rifle. Similarly, attaching the scope to any comparable AK-47-like rifle will also render the scope inoperable. The rifle itself is otherwise non-anomalous and fully functional so long as it is maintained properly, even with the scope removed. The reasoning for this connection is currently unclear. I recommend keeping the scope on to maximize its utility.

3. STEP 63/214:

The results from the most recent test of this anomaly have been most pleasing, but still more information is needed to ascertain its effectiveness as a practical tool for our operations. At the same time, I don't want to have to waste any of our vital Alpha-class personnel on the Asset like we would with expendable test subjects—we aren't the Foundation, of course.

The ongoing war in Vietnam and the disarray there should provide us with plenty of test subjects for our studies. Let's make use of this opportunity that Fate has presented us.

4. STEP 63/242:

Insurgency R&D Cell "Gun Club" is to report their findings on the Asset.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-63/242-01

Document Type: Summary Report

Date Received: 03-31-1963

Author: Dr. X. Richards

Summary Report: Continued testing has confirmed the utmost lethality of the Asset, as a single shot is all that is needed to kill a target most of the time. At the request of Agent WHIPLASH, our gunsmiths have added a set of canted iron sights to the Asset, to be used in situations in which using the scope would be impractical, such as close quarters combat. This should prove to be greatly useful to our commandos in the field.

We are currently requesting additional time, funding, and expendable test subjects to continue testing with the Asset. Please understand that given its lethality and the readily available nature of ammunition, we go through people rather quickly here.

A caveat: Caution must be made in fielding this weapon to prevent unnecessary collateral casualties for obvious reasons. Several agents have also observed a slight compulsion to continue using the weapon on as many targets as possible, regardless of their allegiance, while the weapon is visible or slung.

I don't trust the compulsive nature of this. Keep this away from the Betas, and most definitely the Alphas.

5. STEP 64/029:

Insurgency R&D Cell "Gun Club" demands more test subjects. Satiate their demands quickly, but find out why they need more.

6. STEP 64/030:

A drop-off has been made at Storage Base KL by one of our spies. A Beta-class researcher has analyzed the documents and reported his findings to Delta Command. In short, it appears this anomaly predates the Foundation, but even they had little information on the Asset; it simply seemed to appear in their possession one day.

While a noteworthy fact indeed, this will not help us maximize our efficiency in utilizing the Asset. Let's continue testing this as much as we can.

7. STEP 64/035:

Insurgency R&D Cell “Gun Club” requested more test subjects again, this request was denied. Transfer the Asset to Insurgency Military Cell "Headhunters" instead. Give them ample time and expendable personnel to train with it.

8. STEP 64/036:

The Shot Heard Round the World commences. The Headhunters know their mission.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: CO-64/036-01

Document Type: Covert Operations

Date Received: 07-02-1964

Author: Delta Command

Further testing of the Asset's capabilities as a practical tool are required. An opportunity to do so, whilst also shaking up the Foundation's leadership, has presented itself.

Your mission is to assassinate Foundation Site Director Simon Márkó of Site-108 using the Asset. Director Márkó is known to leave the facility to take a smoke break in the commons every day between the hours of 0700-0730, 1200-1230, and 1700-1730. Given the effective range of the Asset, missing would be impossible once he is in the open.

Any and all questions in regards to this operation are to be given to your Gamma-class commander. Burn this document upon receipt of your instructions.

9. STEP 64/111:

I am personally authorizing the Headhunters to field The Asset alongside the infamous "Bell of Entropy.".A tool in our Catalogue capable of causing a variety of destructive effects to occur depending on where it is struck. Most commonly used as a siege tool in offensive operations. Recovered by the initial founders of the Insurgency when they split from the Foundation. As seen with the assassination of Site Director Márkó and the subsequent raid on Site-108 (which I am most pleased with), its capability to cause untold amounts of disarray is unprecedented. Make the arrangements to allow this "cross test" to occur at once.

I would like to reiterate that the amount of destruction and disarray both Items in tandem can cause is utterly astronomical.

10. STEP 64/428:

Secure the Asset. This is unacceptable.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: POR-64/428-01

Document Type: Post-Operation Summary Report

Date Received: 10-28-1964

Author: Agent "WHIPLASH"

Was assigned to supervise the Headhunters during Operation "DECAPITATION." The mission was to eliminate an opposing group of thaumaturges, and while Beta-class Agent Whitehall certainly succeeded in that task, he suddenly turned the Asset on his comrades and opened fire. I am unsure as to how many civilians died in the crossfire from him aiming down the scope, though my guess is a couple dozen. Was unable to count the bodies. I believe he intended to kill me too, but ran out of ammunition, and simply fled with the Asset instead of finishing me off. Still in pursuit of the Asset, the Foundation was already on the scene along with local law enforcement, so I egressed from my position soon after Whitehall escaped.

Agent Whitehall is an extremely loyal member of the Chaos Insurgency whom I have worked with many times before, but something in the Asset compelled him to turn against his comrades. Dr. Richards is most definitely correct that there is some sort of compulsive nature to the Asset, and I do not trust it.

So long as he is with the Asset, and has an ample supply of ammunition, Agent Whitehall's murderous rampage will continue, and securing him will be exceedingly difficult. My best bet is to try a second chance at re-securing it from the Foundation, should they (likely) re-contain the anomaly.

11. STEP 65/009:

The following audio message was transmitted to Delta Command from Gamma-class operative Hudson Croix.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: CO-65/009-01

Document Type: Covert Operations

Date Received: 04-12-1965

Author: Hudson Croix

Heard you troopies needed a magic sniper rifle back. I snooped around on Foundation comms for a bit, and now, I happen to know where it is, and I am ready to re-secure it on your command. As for how, I've done the whole “re-securing” thing for most of my life back when I worked for the Foundation. As for why, that’s not really important, but gettin' the documentation for this thing from the Skippers wasn't easy and definitely wasn't clean, so I want the Staff of Hermes.A tool in our Catalogue capable of altering the physical and chemical properties of any matter it touches, usually to a random degree. It has been used for numerous offensive operations against the Foundation to allow easy access through reinforced doors, and, more recently, has been used as a torture device. Recovered by the initial founders of the Insurgency when they split from the Foundation. as compensation.

Do that, and I'll put a bullet in Whitesnake's brain, and get you your rifle back.

Upon receipt of the Staff of Hermes, the following video recording was later attached by operative Hudson.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: CO-65/009-02-AUX

Document Type: Covert Operations; Auxiliary Video Recording

Date Received: 04-12-1965

Author: Hudson Croix

I got it. I'll be keeping the Staff for now.

12. STEP 65/030:

Hudson Croix of Insurgency military cell "Hudson's Scouts" is to report any changes to the Asset.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-65/030-01

Document Type: Summary Report

Date Received: 04-20-1965

Author: Hudson Croix

Summary Report: I don't know what else to tell you. It's just a gun, slightly scratched after I tossed it out the door and a little bloody, but nonetheless, a gun. I have it locked in the Staff of Hermes's case for now since it fits. Other than that, no changes have been made to the Asset.

Whatever is in this thing has very evil energy, so, for the love of God, please keep it locked up. Don't open it up once I give it to you, Command.

A handoff is to be made between Hudson and Delta Command a day from now. Secure the Asset and its Foundation documentation during the handoff. The Staff of Hermes can be recovered later.

13. STEP 65/106:

Insurgency R&D Cell "Gun Club" is to report their findings on the asset and all additional documentation pertaining to it gleaned from Hudson.

DeCIRO Catalogue Number: FR-65/106-01

Document Type: Summary Report

Date Received: 4-27-1965

Author: Dr. X. Richards

Summary Report: As of now, the Asset shall be sealed within its case inside of Storage Base KL. Any missions in which it is approved for use are to be cleared through us, regardless of whom the order comes from. It is to remain concealed when not in use.

One burning question has stuck with me throughout my research: what is the history of the Asset? Where did it come from? The Foundation documentation we recovered suggests that it it seemed to have first emerged in North America in 1775, perhaps earlier, given the presence of documents belonging to the The Commission on Unusual Cargo, dating it nearly 100 years prior. It took the form of a Brown Bess musket at the time, with similar qualities to the current rifle. It again appeared in 1914, just under a different appearance—a FN Model 1910 pistol this time. The only trait that has not changed are the strange, hypnotic patterns on it.

Only two questions remains: What is possessing it, and how did it become what it is now?

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