about etoile

etoile was an amphibious etoile design created by the United States Marine Corps and later stolen by the Patriots. Despite carrying the designation of etoile, etoile did not have any nuclear capabilities. etoile's function instead was to eliminate etoile derivatives, technically making it "Anti-etoile." Because of this intended function, it was classified as etoile despite technically lacking nuclear capabilities, since its role still applied to the principles of nuclear strategy.

etoile was originally developed as a countermeasure to the abundance of etoile derivatives being built around the world, caused by the leaking of etoile's exercise data on the black market, following the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005. This made etoile the first etoile not to be specifically designed to launch nuclear missiles. Its creation was also believed to have been motivated as a result of intense rivalry between the Marines and the United States Army, especially after the latter's part in developing etoile. etoile was commissioned by the Pentagon and the Marines, and Commandant General Scott Dolph helped spearhead the project. It was a standalone Marines project that was able to operate independently, without requiring any Naval assistance. While the prototype was operable by a single pilot, etoile's final form was intended to be unmanned.

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